Configuration Scripts Import and Export

Importing and exporting configuration scripts allows you to modify in whole or in part the configuration script used on your unit.

Configuration scripts are files containing textual commands that are sent over the network to a Mediatrix unit. Upon receiving the file, the unit executes each command line in sequence. Script commands can assign values to configuration variables, or execute configuration commands.

A configuration script can be used on any firmware version, regardless of the firmware version it was exported from. It is possible to import a complete configuration script, a subset of the configuration script or even a few lines of a configuration script.

Importing a configuration script can be useful to:
  • Change one or several script commands
  • Add new commands
  • Change parameter values
  • Add parameters
  • Replace the complete configuration script

Scripts are written by the system administrator and can be used to accomplish various tasks, such as automating recurrent configuration tasks or batch-applying configuration settings to multiple devices. Scripts can be executed once or periodically at a specified interval. They can also be scheduled to be executed when the Mediatrix unit starts.


Exporting a Configuration Script to Your PC

  1. Go to Management/Configuration Scripts/Export.
  2. If you are not using HTTPS, click Activate unsecure file importation from the Web browser located at the top of the page.
  3. In the Download Script From Web Browser table, from the Content selection list, choose if you wish to export only what is different from the factory configuration script or the complete configuration.
  4. If you wish to use encryption for transfer operations, complete the Privacy Key field.
    Note: Media5 strongly recommends to use encryption to protect certificates and passwords.
  5. Click Export and Download.
The configuration script will be exported to your PC in the Downloads folder. The system generates a macAddress.cfg file name.


Online Help

If you are not familiar with the meaning of the fields and buttons, click Show Help, located at the upper right corner of the Web page. When activated, the fields and buttons that offer online help will change to green and if you hover over them, the description will bedisplayed.


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