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Mediatrix Sentinel

v. 42.3.986

1 Factory Reset

The Factory reset reverts the Mediatrix unit back to its default factory settings.

It deletes the persistent configuration parameters of the unit, including:

  • User files stored in the File service
  • Certificates, except for factory installed ones
  • Log files of the File service

The Factory reset should be performed with the Mediatrix unit connected to a network with access to a DHCP server. If the unit cannot find a DHCP server, it will sent requests indefinitely. A Factory Reset can be triggered either:

  • Directly on the unit. Refer to Performing a Factory Reset.
  • Via the web interface of the Mediatrix unit (Management/Firmware Upgrade).
  • Via the Command Line Interface of the Mediatrix unit by using the fpu.defaultsetting parameter.

1.1 Performing a Factory Reset


The Factory reset alters any persistent configuration data of the Mediatrix unit.


The Mediatrix unit must be connected to a network with access to a DHCP server. If the unit cannot find a DHCP server, it will send requests indefinitely.


  1. Power the Mediatrix unit Off.
  2. Insert a small, unbent paper clip into the hole of the Reset/Default button, located at the rear of the Mediatrix unit.
  3. While pressing the Reset/Default button, restart the unit.


    Do not release the Reset/Default button before the LEDs stop blinking and are steadily ON. This can take up to 30 seconds.

  4. Release the paper clip.


All configuration parameters are reset to their default value. When the Mediatrix unit has finished its provisioning sequence, it is ready to be used with a DHCP server provided IP address and MIB parameters. This procedure can also be performed at run time.

2 Copyright Notice

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