Customer Profile

A profile is a customer factory customisation where parameter values, skins, and branding are defined specifically for the customer.

Customer profiles can be uploaded via HTTPS/TLS to insure data integrity and confidentiality. The customer profile can include information on:
  • security:
    • default administrator accounts and password policies
    • security parameters to be activated
    • specific services to activate or not
    • the installation of security certificates
    • the customisation of web pages
    • the installation of Rulesets used by the SBC
    • the installation of a VM image
    • the URL of the Auto Configuration Server (ACS) or of a configuration script
  • configuration:
    • the installation of Rulesets used by the SBC
    • the installation of a VM image
    • the URL of the Auto Configuration Server (ACS) or of a configuration script
  • branding:
    • the customisation of web pages


Security Management

The main security advantage of using a Customer Profile is that your configuration information becomes private and therefore cannot be used or modified by others.

As a matter of fact, if using the Mediatrix default configuration, anyone will have access to the configuration. Those with access to the Mediatrix documentation (publicly available on the Media5 Documentation Portal) can access your configuration if you do not change the default configuration.

Furthermore, the customer profile allows the customer to implement specific security features for his organisation. For example:
  • Force secure access only (HTTPS and SSH)
  • Set/disable management options:
    • SNMP (v1,v2, or v3)
    • TR-069
    • Provisioning servers
  • Encrypt configuration scripts for remote management using custom private keys



The use of a Customer Profile greatly facilitates the implementation and maintenance of DGW on multiple units.

The Customer Profile includes all the specific information required to deploy units running the DGW application. Therefore, using the same Customer Profile on all units of a network will provide a guaranty that the units work exactly the same way. Furthermore, if you wish to add or change the value of a parameter, for instance set TR-069, the change is performed in the Customer Profile, then the Customer Profile can be tied to some or all unit models.

The Customer Profile can be associated with a specific customer certified firmware version. Therefore, customers are sure to always receive the approved version for their environment.


Access Rights

The customer can choose what features and services are actually displayed on the Web management interface of DGW. Access rights can be managed with the Customer Profile.

The administration access right provides access to all features and services (in some cases licences can be necessary e.g. for the Virtual Machine service.)

The customer could choose to create a View only user account and disable, for this user account, the Web Management interface and only display summary information.

Or then again, the customer could create a special user account giving access to anything in between.



Web Interface

The Web interface can be completely redesigned to reflect the customer's branding. The Customer Profile can be used to create and implement a special skin, with the customer's logo and branding colours.

Color of Device

The colour of the device can also be customised to a customer's specific needs.

Labels on Device

Labels on the device can be printed with specific branding information, allowing the customer, for instance, to display the logo and the name of their company directly on the device.

Custom Model Names

Special model names can be created and used on the devices to create a specific line of devices for a customer.

Customer Provided Mac address and Serial Number

Labels can be created with the Customer's provided Mac address and Serial Number.


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