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For all Mediatrix Products
v. 43.2.1343


The Reset/Default button is a switch that can be used to perform a partial or factory reset while the unit is running.

In other words, the Reset/Default button can be used to:

  • Cancel an action that was started.
  • Revert to known factory settings if the Mediatrix unit refuses to work properly for any reason or the connection to the network is lost.
  • Reconfigure a unit.

The Reset/Default button will generate different actions depending on the amount of time the button is held.

Pressing Time Action Comment LED Pattern
2 to 6 seconds Restarts the Mediatrix unit. No changes are made to the Mediatrix unit settings. Power1 blinking, all other LEDs OFF
7 to 11 seconds Initiates a Partial Reset of the Mediatrix unit. Restarts the unit in a known and static state while keeping most of the configuration unchanged. All LEDs blinking, 1cycle per second, 50% duty
12 to 16 seconds Initiates a Factory Reset of the Mediatrix unit. Reverts the unit back to its default factory settings. All LEDs steady ON
17 seconds and more No action is taken. This is useful if you accidentally pushed the button and do not need and action to be applied. The action is ignored. N/A

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