Unit Licence Description

Field Units Description
Virtual Machine Sentinel 400 Enable the virtual machine service.
TR-069 All Mediatrix units Enable the TR-069 remote management service.
SBC Sessions

Sentinel 100

Sentinel 400

Sentinel CS

Number of SBC sessions.
Survivability Users

Sentinel 100

Sentinel 400

Mediatrix C7 Series

Mediatrix G7 Series

Mediatrix S7 Series

Number of survivability users.

Survivability ensures service continuity by establishing external calls through a secondary trunk and by routing internal calls when the primary network is temporarily unavailable.

This licence activates the SIP Proxy service.

Support End Date All Mediatrix units Value set during unit importation if present in the unit product code. If set, equals to the unit shipping date plus one year.
Comment All Mediatrix units Any comment on the licence generation (max. 2000 characters)


Generating a Unit Licence Key for the Virtuo EMS

Before you begin
  • You must have an access right with a Unit Licence Generation access right.
  • A username and a password are required to connect to the Virtuo EMS.
  • Your unit must be available in the Virtuo EMS in order to be able to generate a licence key.
  • A licence pool for the account must be available.
  • For more details on licences, refer to the Unit Licence Description section.
IMPORTANT: A licence key is only valid for the unit with the specified serial number and once the key is generated in Virtuo it cannot be undone.
  1. Log on to the Virtuo EMS with your username and password.
  2. From the left hand side menu, under the Units section, click List.
  3. From the Find selection list located at the bottom of the Units table, select Serial Number.
  4. In the Find field, enter the serial number of the unit for which a licence must be generated.
    Note: If the unit for which you wish to generate a licence key does not appear in the Units list, then, if you purchased your unit directly from Media5, please contact technical support at, otherwise contact your reseller.
  5. Click the Unit Licences tab.
  6. In the Unit Licences section, click Edit Unit Licences.
  7. Select or complete the fields as required for your licence.
  8. Click Save and Generate New Licence Key.

The License key successfully generated message will be displayed and the licence key will be displayed under the Unit Licences section, in the Licence Key field. Refer to the Technical Bulletins - Activating a Licence Key on a mediatrix Unit published on the Media5 Documentation Portal.


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