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The Mediatrix DGW firmware application implements the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and is the most up to date and feature complete firmware version

DGW vs SIP v5.0

For historical reasons, there are 2 different firmware applications implementing the SIP protocol. One is called DGW and the other one is called SIP 5.0.

It is possible to upgrade from SIP v5.0 to DGW on supported products following the Step by Step Procedure .


The Mediatrix DGW firmware runs on the following Mediatrix products:


Mib installer Pack

The current Mib pack for the Mediatrix DGW 2.0 firmware integrates all previous versions Mibs

DGW Firmware

In order to download the Mediatrix DGW application, you must login to the Media5 Support Portal using your account credentials


3CX integration templates

Firmware Release

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