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v. 42.2.954

1 Firmware Pack

The firmware pack is a ZIP file that contains the modules and the features to install on your Mediatrix unit when a new release is available.

When unzipping the firmware pack, the content is extracted according to a pre-defined tree architecture. This creates a directory that contains the files required for the Mediatrix unit to properly upgrade its firmware.

2 New Functionalities

Incident #CR #SynopsisApplies To

3 Modified Features, Functionalities and Interface Modifications

Incident #CR #SynopsisApplies To


DGW-7960The "AutoConfigure" command must be able to be executed on a specific telephony card.Isdn, R2 and E&M

New "Interface" argument was added to the "AutoConfigure" command for the ISDN, R2 and Eam services.

Also, there is a new drop-down list in the Web Page under ISDN/Status/Auto Configuration table that allows the user to chose the interface that will be auto-configured.

4 Issues Fixed

Incident #CR #SynopsisApplies To


DGW-8620DGW Web UI no longer responds when a VM image download is cancelled.Web

After canceling a large file download, the DGW Web UI froze as if the file was still downloading. The Web service is now able to recognise that a download has been cancelled, and the DGW Web UI remains responsive when continuing browsing.


DGW-8491Error log sent indicating that the Floppy disk cannot be accessed.VM

As floppy disks are not supported, after the VM is started, the guest OS will no longer display error logs.


DGW-8236Busy tone not detected on the FXO line.FXO

Busy tone is now detected on the FXO line.


DGW-8168Single file firmware upgrade fails when data block sizes are small.Fpu

Small data block sizes are now handled properly. Upgrading the firmware with the Single file feature is now always successful no matter the size of the data blocks.


DGW-8027Firmware upgrades sometimes fail when memory on unit is low.all

Firmeware upgrades are now carried out as expected.


DGW-7960The "AutoConfigure" command must be able to be executed on a specific telephony card.Isdn, R2 and E&M

By default, the "AutoConfigure" command ran on all telephony cards associated with a service (i.e. ISDN, R2, or E&M). Now, if the "Interface" argument is given, the "AutoConfigure" command runs only on the specified telephony card. A new drop down list was added to the ISDN/Status/Automatic configuration table to allow users to choose the interface that will be auto-configured.


DGW-6446There is no Universally Unique IDentifier (UUID) available in the VM guest.VM

When the Virtual Machine is started, a UUID is now provided in the Vm guest. Its value is based on the Mediatrix unit MAC address and the VM MAC address.

5 Known Issues

Incident #CR #SynopsisApplies To
---DGW-67954124 one-way audio problem on ports 17-24.all

One-way audio problem may happen on 4124 after many days of uptime on ports 17-24.

---DGW-6455E1T1 cards configuration is lost after backup restoration.3000 and Sentinel 400

This problem does not affect units that have never run the DGW 2.0.35 release.

For units running DGW 2.0.35, that have had the DGW 2.0.35 running, or for units that you do not know if the DGW 2.0.35 load was ever installed, use this work around:

IMPORTANT: Before you start, make sure to take a Configuration Script of your complete configuration.

  1. Acces the DGW Web page.
  2. Go to System/Hardware.
  3. For one of the ports, from the *Signaling *drop-down list, select any value. (make sure to remember the value you are changing)
  4. Click Apply.
  5. From the Signaling drop-down list, select the initial value you previously changed.
  6. Click Apply.
  7. Restart the unit.
  8. Take a backup of the configuration.

Result: This will rewrite the persistent configuration of the unit with the proper values.

---DGW-2457Downgrading to version DGW 2.0. 37.697 and below causes the DGW application to stop responding and restart.Sentinel 400

Downgrading to GA version DGW 2.0. 37 and below on a Sentinel 400, with analog cards and without a DSP card, causes the DGW application to stop responding and restart. When the DGW application restarts, the Telif service is stopped. For the unit to work properly, you will need to rollback to a DGW software version higher that

6 Copyright Notice

Copyright © 2018 Media5 Corporation.

This document contains information that is proprietary to Media5 Corporation.

Media5 Corporation reserves all rights to this document as well as to the Intellectual Property of the document and the technology and know-how that it includes and represents.

This publication cannot be reproduced, neither in whole nor in part, in any form whatsoever, without written prior approval by Media5 Corporation.

Media5 Corporation reserves the right to revise this publication and make changes at any time and without the obligation to notify any person and/or entity of such revisions and/or changes.