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Mediatrix Sentinel

The Mediatrix Sentinel is a multi-service device bundling media gateway and session border controller capabilities on a robust and reliable platform designed for small up to large enterprise customers.

Mediatrix G7

The Mediatrix G7 Series is a reliable and secure VoIP Analog Adaptor and Media Gateway platform for SMBs.

Mediatrix C7

Mediatrix C7 Series offers both adaptor and gateway capabilities in one single platform for multiple SMB applications

Mediatrix S7 & S7 LP

The Mediatrix S7 Series of analog VoIP adaptors (ATAs) offers the ability to smoothly connect all IP and legacy equipment to a hosted or on premise IP-PBX.

The Mediatrix S7 LP is the leading ATA to deploy cloud telephony services for demanding wiring conditions and over-voltage exposure applications.

VoIP Gateway

Mediatrix VoIP gateways integrate legacy PBX systems and PSTN local access to IP-based telephony systems.

VoIP Adaptors

Mediatrix VoIP Adaptors seamlessly connect analog telephones, modems, point of sales and fax machines to Voice over IP (VoIP) Networks.

Management Software

Element Management System designed to administer Mediatrix VoIP adaptors and gateways.

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