Personal Data Exposure

Personal Data Collection

Mediatrix products collect the basic personal data required for the proper delivery of the telecommunication service. The actual collected data depends on the type of users and how the Mediatrix products are administrated.

Type of users Collected Personal Information Collected Activity Information
Virtuo Account Primary contact Media5 may enter the following information in the account:
  • Contact name
  • Contact email
  • Contact phone
System administrator an technical support User email and password used to access the product for administrative and troubleshooting purposes
  • User edition
  • Unit edition
  • Unit transfer
  • Licence key generation
  • Login time
  • IP address
Mediatrix units end-users Configuration files may contains names and phone numbers used to register to the telecommunication provider service.
  • IP address


Personal Data Processing

Personal data is processed in Virtuo through the following activities:

  • Configuring and storing Mediatrix end-user data
  • Configuring other users
  • Logging administration audit trails
  • Access of the personal data by an authorised system administrator
  • Provisioning of the Mediatrix unit


Personal Data Transfers

The provisioning of Mediatrix units may contain end-users personal information.


Personal Data Protection

System and Data Protection

  • The server hosting Virtuo has been hardened following the CIS security benchmarks (
  • The database access is restricted per service with minimal privileges.
  • Web portal users have access rights according to their role.
  • Communications are encrypted using SSL.
  • Sensitive data is hidden from prying eyes.


Access and Authorisations

The Virtuo EMS has four (4) default account roles:

  • Base User
  • Preset Unit Configuration User
  • Advanced User
  • Admin

All management interfaces are restricted to authorised accounts only, verified by email and password.

The account credentials are stored in the Virtuo EMS database.


Data Deletion

System administrators with Advanced User or Admin role are allowed to delete the configuration files that may contain Mediatrix units end-user personal data.

System administrators with Admin role are allowed to delete users with lower privileges from the same account.



Audit trail logs of the system administrator activities are available to Media5 administrators.

System administrators with Admin role have access to the audit trail logs.


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