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This space allows users to access previously archived versions of the DGW firmware and hardware documentation.

Please note that only the Latest DGW version is maintained and updated.

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Space: DGW v.
DGW v. documentation
Space: DGW v2.0.34
DGW version 2.0.34
Space: DGW v2.0.35
DGW version 2.0.35
Space: DGW v2.0.36.696
Space: DGW v2.0.38.717
DGW v2.0.38.717
Space: DGW v2.0.39.738
DGW v2.0.39.738
Space: DGW v2.0.40.747
DGW v2.0.40.747
Space: DGW v2.0.41.762
Documentation of the DGW v2.0.41.762
Space: DGW v2.0.42
DGW v2.0.42.768
Space: DGW v42.1
DGW v.42.1.857
Space: DGW v42.2
Documentation of the DGW 42.2.954 software release
Space: DGW v42.3
DGW v42.3.986
Space: DGW v43.0
Documentation of the DGW v43.0.1125 software release
Space: DGW v43.1
Documentation of the DGW v43.1.1264 software release

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