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<!DOCTYPE html
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<html lang="en"><head><meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8"><meta charset="UTF-8"><meta name="copyright" content="(C) Copyright 2023"><meta name="DC.rights.owner" content="(C) Copyright 2023"><meta name="DC.type" content="concept"><meta name="description" content="A profile is a customer factory customisation where parameter values, skins, and branding are defined specifically for the customer."><meta name="prodname" content="For all Mediatrix Units"><meta name="version" content="DGW 49.12.28842941"><meta name="platform" content="All"><meta name="" content="2023-0308-2809"><meta name="" content="2023-0308-2809"><meta name="" content="2023-0308-2809"><meta name="ChapterNumbering" content="no"><meta name="DC.format" content="HTML5"><meta name="DC.identifier" content="concept_z4m_z5n_1r"><link href="" rel="stylesheet"><link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href=""><link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href=""><title>Product Customisation</title></head><body><header role="banner"><div class="topicmeta title">Product Customisation</div><div class="topicmeta date">2023-0308-28<09</div><div class="topicmeta product">For all Mediatrix Units</div><div class="topicmeta version">DGW 49.12.2884<2941</div><div class="topicmeta pdf"><a href="" rel="nofollow">Download PDF Document</a></div><hr><span style="float: inline-end;"></span></header><nav role="toc"><ul><li><a href="#concept_z4m_z5n_1r">Customer Profile</a><ul><li><a href="#concept_m3q_gvp_w5">Security Management</a></li><li><a href="#concept_gm4_wvp_w5">Maintenance </a></li><li><a href="#concept_hxl_tcq_w5">Access Rights</a></li><li><a href="#reference_nq3_4pr_w5">Branding</a></li></ul></li><li><a href="#concept_fqm_rv4_k4">Copyright Notice</a></li></ul></nav><main role="main"><article role="article" aria-labelledby="ariaid-title1"><hr><span style="float: inline-end;"><a href="#">Top</a></span><article class="nested0" aria-labelledby="ariaid-title1" id="concept_z4m_z5n_1r">
  <h1 class="title topictitle1" id="ariaid-title1">Customer Profile</h1>
  <div class="body conbody"><p class="shortdesc">A profile is a customer factory customisation where parameter values, skins, and
    branding are defined specifically for the customer.</p>
    <div class="p"> Customer profiles can be uploaded via HTTPS/TLS to insure data integrity and
      confidentiality. The customer profile can include information on:<ul class="ul" id="concept_z4m_z5n_1r__ul_dbr_pgd_dx">
        <li class="li">security:<ul class="ul" id="concept_z4m_z5n_1r__ul_urc_mvn_1r">
            <li class="li">default administrator accounts and password policies</li>
            <li class="li">security parameters to be activated </li>
            <li class="li">specific services to activate or not</li>
            <li class="li">the installation of security certificates</li>
            <li class="li">the customisation of web pages</li>
            <li class="li">the installation of Rulesets used by the SBC</li>
            <li class="li">the installation of a VM image</li>
            <li class="li">the URL of the Auto Configuration Server (ACS) or of a configuration script</li>
        <li class="li">configuration:<ul class="ul" id="concept_z4m_z5n_1r__ul_mn5_tgd_dx">
            <li class="li">the installation of Rulesets used by the SBC</li>
            <li class="li">the installation of a VM image</li>
            <li class="li">the URL of the Auto Configuration Server (ACS) or of a configuration script</li>
        <li class="li">branding:<ul class="ul" id="concept_z4m_z5n_1r__ul_am2_vgd_dx">
            <li class="li">the customisation of web pages</li>

<hr><span style="float: inline-end;"><a href="#">Top</a></span><article class="topic concept nested1" aria-labelledby="ariaid-title2" id="concept_m3q_gvp_w5">
  <h2 class="title topictitle2" id="ariaid-title2">Security Management</h2>
  <div class="body conbody"><p class="shortdesc">The main security advantage of using a Customer Profile is that your configuration
    information becomes private and therefore cannot be used or modified by others. </p>
    <p class="p">As a matter of fact, if using the Mediatrix default configuration, anyone will have access to
      the configuration. Those with access to the Mediatrix documentation (publicly available on the <a class="xref" href="" target="_blank">Media5 Documentation Portal</a>) can access your configuration if you do not change the
      default configuration.</p>
    <div class="p">Furthermore, the customer profile allows the customer to implement specific security features
      for his organisation. For example:<ul class="ul" id="concept_m3q_gvp_w5__ul_b4d_tbq_w5">
        <li class="li">Force secure access only (HTTPS and SSH)</li>
        <li class="li">Set/disable management options:<ul class="ul" id="concept_m3q_gvp_w5__ul_qch_ccq_w5">
            <li class="li">SNMP (v1,v2, or v3)</li>
            <li class="li">TR-069</li>
            <li class="li">Provisioning servers</li>
        <li class="li">Encrypt configuration scripts for remote management using custom private keys</li>
</article><hr><span style="float: inline-end;"><a href="#">Top</a></span><article class="topic concept nested1" aria-labelledby="ariaid-title3" id="concept_gm4_wvp_w5">
 <h2 class="title topictitle2" id="ariaid-title3">Maintenance </h2>
 <div class="body conbody"><p class="shortdesc">The use of a Customer Profile greatly facilitates the implementation and maintenance of
  DGW on multiple units.</p>
  <p class="p">The Customer Profile includes all the specific information required to deploy units running the
   DGW application. Therefore, using the same Customer Profile on all units of a network will
   provide a guaranty that the units work exactly the same way. Furthermore, if you wish to add or
   change the value of a parameter, for instance set TR-069, the change is performed in the Customer
   Profile, then the Customer Profile can be tied to some or all unit models.</p>
  <p class="p">The Customer Profile can be associated with a specific customer certified firmware version.
   Therefore, customers are sure to always receive the approved version for their environment.</p>
</article><hr><span style="float: inline-end;"><a href="#">Top</a></span><article class="topic concept nested1" aria-labelledby="ariaid-title4" id="concept_hxl_tcq_w5">
 <h2 class="title topictitle2" id="ariaid-title4">Access Rights</h2>
 <div class="body conbody"><p class="shortdesc">The customer can choose what features and services are actually displayed on the Web
    management interface of DGW. Access rights can be managed with the Customer
  <div class="p">The administration access right provides access to all features and services (in some cases
      licences can be necessary e.g. for the Virtual Machine service.)<br><img class="image" id="concept_hxl_tcq_w5__image_rnt_y2q_w5" src="" width="800"><br></div>
  <div class="p">The customer could choose to create a View only user account and disable, for this user
      account, the Web Management interface and only display summary information.<br><img class="image" id="concept_hxl_tcq_w5__image_ddy_sfq_w5" src="" width="600"><br></div>
  <div class="p">Or then again, the customer could create a special user account giving access to anything in
      between. <br><img class="image" id="concept_hxl_tcq_w5__image_pm4_lgq_w5" src="" width="800"><br></div>
</article><hr><span style="float: inline-end;"><a href="#">Top</a></span><article class="topic reference nested1" aria-labelledby="ariaid-title5" id="reference_nq3_4pr_w5">
  <h2 class="title topictitle2" id="ariaid-title5">Branding</h2>
  <div class="body refbody">
    <section class="section"><h3 class="title sectiontitle">Web Interface </h3>
    <section class="section">The Web interface can be completely redesigned to reflect the customer's branding. The
      Customer Profile can be used to create and implement a special skin, with the customer's logo
      and branding colours. </section>
    <section class="section">
      <br><img class="image" id="reference_nq3_4pr_w5__image_dpl_zqp_w5" src="" width="900"><br>
      <br><img class="image" id="reference_nq3_4pr_w5__image_u3s_bqp_w5" src="" width="700"><br>
    <section class="section"><h3 class="title sectiontitle">Color of Device</h3>
    <section class="section">The colour of the device can also be customised to a customer's specific
          needs.<p class="p"><img class="image" id="reference_nq3_4pr_w5__image_pbw_lbf_cv" src="" width="400"><img class="image" id="reference_nq3_4pr_w5__image_ghn_4bf_cv" src="" width="400"></p></section>
    <section class="section"><h3 class="title sectiontitle">Labels on Device</h3>
    <section class="section">Labels on the device can be printed with specific branding information,  allowing the
      customer, for instance, to display the logo and the name of their company directly on the
        device.<br><img class="image" id="reference_nq3_4pr_w5__image_olw_m5p_w5" src="" width="300"><br></section>
    <section class="section"><h3 class="title sectiontitle">Custom Model Names</h3>
    <section class="section">Special model names can be created and used on the devices to create a specific line of
      devices for a customer. </section>
    <section class="section"><h3 class="title sectiontitle">Customer Provided Mac address and Serial Number</h3>
    <section class="section">Labels can be created with the Customer's provided Mac address and Serial
</article></article><hr><span style="float: inline-end;"><a href="#">Top</a></span><article class="topic concept nested0" aria-labelledby="ariaid-title6" id="concept_fqm_rv4_k4">
 <h1 class="title topictitle1" id="ariaid-title6">Copyright Notice</h1>

 <div class="body conbody"><p class="shortdesc">Copyright © 2023 Media5 Corporation.</p>
  <p class="p">This document contains information that is proprietary to Media5 Corporation.</p>
  <p class="p">Media5 Corporation reserves all rights to this document as well as to the Intellectual Property
   of the document and the technology and know-how that it includes and represents.</p>
  <p class="p">This publication cannot be reproduced, neither in whole nor in part, in any form whatsoever,
   without written prior approval by Media5 Corporation.</p>
  <p class="p">Media5 Corporation reserves the right to revise this publication and make changes at any time
   and without the obligation to notify any person and/or entity of such revisions and/or