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Scope of this Document

The following Technical Document aims to inform partners on the procedure to upgrade an analog unit. The options are:

SIP Upgrade 01.png

Note: This document uses the SIP upgrade scenario as example. Replace SIP with the protocol you already have in the following document to perform the firmware upgrade.

Steps to install an older load in a unit

1. Re-upgrade to the current software version.

2. Upgrade to the new software protocol.


The Mediatrix units need to be able to read the current version’s setup.inf (SIP) file. To be sure the unit can find it, you must re-upgrade with the current version. This sets the path of the current setup.inf (SIP) file in the unit so that the next time it tries to download an older software, it will know where to look for the previous setup.inf (SIP) file.

That is also why you will use the c:\download root folder in Pumpkin. The unit needs to be able to reach both software folders from this root folder.

This procedure is valid for the Mediatrix 1102, 1104, 1204, 2102 and Mediatrix 4100 series.

Software Upgrade

1. Download the required software version. This software is available on the Mediatrix Download Portal (

Save the downloaded file in c:\downloads. In this example, the downloaded file would be:

2. Extract the zip file directly in the c:\downloads directory. The example directory would now look as follows:

SIP Upgrade 02.png

3. Rename the folder with the protocol name (SIP_v5.0.31.260_Profile_MX-S50xx_41xx -> SIP). You must rename the folders because the download pathname variable is only 63 characters long. In this example the folder would look as follows:

SIP Upgrade 03.png

4. Configure Pumpkin

• Download and install Pumpkin TFTP:

• Make sure that « Server is running » check case is enabled:

SIP Upgrade 04.png

• Click on the « Options » button

• Enter C:\Downloads in the « TFTP filesystem root » field

• « Allow access to subdirectories » check case must be enabled

• On « Read Request Behavior » box: option « Give all files » must be selected

SIP Upgrade 05.png

5. Configure the unit using UMN:

• Expand the related unit tree by clicking on the + sign

• Double click on « Administration »

SIP Upgrade 06.png

• In the « Software Download Servers » box uncheck the « Use DHCP » check box.

• Enter your Pumpkin server’s IP address in the « Primary server » field.

• Enter the path from c:\downloads to the setup.inf file of the current version software.

In this example this would be: SIP\4108-16-24

Take the complete path to setup.inf, « c:\downloads\SIP\4108-16-24\setup.inf », remove the filename and « c:\downloads\ »

SIP Upgrade 07.png

• Start the upgrade by right-clicking the unit and selecting Action -> Download Software (Abrupt):

SIP Upgrade 08.png