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All Mediatrix Units

v. 43.0.1125

1 Configuring TR-069

Before You Start

The CPE WAN Management Protocol (CWMP) service must be started.


If you are not familiar with the meaning of the fields and buttons, click Show Help, located at the upper right corner of the Web page. When activated, the fields and buttons that offer online help will change to green and if you hover over them, the description will be displayed.


  1. Go to Management/CWMP.
  2. In the CWMP Configuration table, set the following parameters:
    1. Set Root Element to Device or Internet Gateway Device, depending on your configuration.
    2. Configure the Listening Port to reflect your configuration.
    3. Set ACS URL Config Source to reflect your configuration.
    4. Under TR-069 Configuration section, set Annex F to Enable.
    5. If using authentication, configure User Name and Password to reflect your configuration.


If everything is configured correctly, you should see a TCP connection being established between your Mediatrix unit and the TR-069 server (from now on simply ACS). After the TCP connection has been established, the unit will send its first “Inform” message to the ACS, as seen below. Note that there will be more HTTP POST messages sent to the ACS (those can be empty) until the server returns a “204 No Content” message

2 Available Documentation

For more details, refer to the Mediatrix Documentation .

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