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For all Mediatrix Products

v. 43.0.1125

1 Requirements

  • Computer with an SSH or OpenSSH compatible remote shell Client running on a PC that acts as an SSH host.
  • You must know the IP address of your Mediatrix unit. Refer to the Quick Start guide of your unit.

2 Command Line Interface (CLI)

The Command Line Interface (CLI) provides an access to interactively configure all the Mediatrix unit parameters.

The CLI is accessed through either a secure SSH session (default) or an unsecure TELNET session. When using a secure SSH session, all communications between Client and server are encrypted before being sent over the network, thus packet sniffers are unable to extract user names, passwords, and other potentially sensitive data. This is the default and recommended way to access the Command Line Interface.

The command interpreter interface of the CLI allows the user to browse the unit parameters, write the command lines, and display the system's notification log.

2.1 Accessing the CLI via an SSH Session

Before You Start

Your unit must be properly connected. Refer to the Hardware Installation Guide of your unit.


This is the recommended way to access the CLI.


  1. Start your SSH Client.
  2. Enter the IP address of your unit.
  3. Use the SSH default port number, i.e. 22 unless, you have previously changed it in the DGW Web interface under Management/Misc.
  4. Select SSH as the connection type.
  5. When prompted for login, enter your login userrname (Default usernames are public or admin ).
  6. Enter your login password (for the default admin username, the password is administrator, for the public username, no password is required).


    If you are accessing the unit through the CLI for the first time or after a factory reset, you may be presented with a warning message regarding the unit’s identification. You can accept the message and continue.


After you have successfully connected to the Mediatrix unit by using an SSH session, you can start using the CLI to configure the Mediatrix unit. For more details on the scripting language, refer to the Configuration Scripting Language Syntax firmware guide.

3 Copyright Notice

Copyright © 2018 Media5 Corporation.

This document contains information that is proprietary to Media5 Corporation.

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